Kildare County Childcare Committee is committed to the work of Childcare Committee’s Ireland / CCI.

CCI / Childcare Committee’s Ireland is the National representative group of the 30 County and City Childcare Committees.

It’s goal is to enable Childcare Committees to work collaboratively with our national stakeholders. 
CCI enables local committees to share learning to inform national thinking/ practice. 
It also provides a forum for childcare committees to share ideas and collaborate on new initiatives.

CCI's objectives include:

i. Leading in the promotion of quality early childhood care

ii. Participating in the development of national strategies, policies and programmes on

childcare and education

iii. Collaborating and sharing nationally to develop CCC staff capabilities in service delivery

iv. Working with childcare providers and other partners to achieve common goals.


CCI are currently working on developing a strategic plan, city & county childcare committees will carry out a consultation process to inform this plan early in 2018. 

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