KCCC Focus on Outdoor Play - Week 4

To date we have shared the experience of Early Days Montessori and Hillhouse Preschool.



This week’s service is “Shining Stars Academy” based in Athy. “Shining Stars Academy provides a Full day Early Years’ Service and a Homework School Age Childcare Service.  Shining Stars Academy aims to provide an excellent environment for children to develop their social, personal and educational skills and learn through a planned play-based curriculum influenced by the Montessori philosophy and underpinned by the national curriculum framework Aistear.”


Shining Stars Academy


Our outdoor day was enjoyable for both children and educators. We are making provision for outdoor play each day and it is evident in our setting. We value the play (indoor and outdoor) as it has benefits to children’s health, social, emotional and physical development.



The equipment in our back garden is relayed with children’s interest. On the day we carried our routine as always; we brought indoor outside. We carried the circle time in the garden and as they were investigating musical instruments the fresh air and the space allowed us to experience different tones and vibes created by guitar, violin, xylophone and many, many more musical instruments.


Some of us enjoyed obstacle course as the space allowed us to use tunnels, two spring games, using balancing stilts, throwing balls into the designated container. We all felt that it was beneficial as we tried to be team players and cooperate with each other.




Our younger friends enjoyed hopscotch, mark-making with chalk and sensory play with water, spaghetti and leaves. Educators provided activities based on children’s interests and on what could be beneficial to stimulate in natural environment. We feel that that the children gained skills such as co-ordination, balance, confidence and self-esteem. We noticed that the outdoor experience also allowed the children to express themselves freely, without the limitations of indoor space and “indoor rules”.

 As a general feedback we can say that outdoor learning has a positive impact on children’s well-being, they are more relaxed and keen to explore world around them.

 Written by: Shining Stars Academy Staff Team






If you already acknowledge and support the benefits of outdoor play for young children and participate in outdoor play on a daily basis, then this is a day to celebrate what you are doing and inspire other services to get involved.

If your setting is new or needs to develop more outdoor learning opportunities for the children, then use the Outdoor Classroom Day to act as a catalyst for more time outdoors every day.

It’s easy to get involved and there is something everyone can do!  Help build a movement that gets children outdoors to play and learn every day!

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