Keeping Records

Keeping records

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We are often asked What records need to be kept for Early Learning and Care Services and School Aged Childcare Services, and for how long?

Certain records need to be kept on the premises for a variety of reasons including Inspections, staff requests and parent/guardian requests.

In order to be compliant under regulation and legislation some records need to be kept for longer periods of time.

The table below provides information on retention periods for records in Early Learning and Care Services; School Aged Childcare Services however this does not apply to Drop in and temporary services.


Retention Period

Attendance Records for Children

2 years from the time the child leaves the service

Accident Incident Records

Recommended to be stored up the 21st birthday of the child

Medical Administration

2 years from the time the child leaves the service

Child Protection Records

Retained indefinitely


2 years after the complaint is resolved

Entry records for people entering the service

1 year

Fire Safety records including fire drills

5 years after creation

Garda/police vetting

5 years from employment

Staff rosters

2 years from creation

Annual review of service

3 years from date of review.

HR/ Employee records

3 years from end of employment updated every 3 years during employment with annual performance appraisal each year

Recruitment records for successful candidates

For the period of their employment

Recruitment records for unsuccessful candidates

1 year, up to 3 years


*All children’s records should be updated regularly

Ref; To Compliance and Beyond a guide for Early Learning and Care & School Age Childcare Services Dublin City Childcare Committee 2019.