A FAR training reimbursement fund has been announced. To support the sector to meet the new regulatory requirements, services can claim back the cost of one staff member attending FAR training (full or refresher). The maximum amounts services may claim are €225 per full course and €175 per refresher course and services should be aware that some training providers may charge in excess of the amount that they can claim back.

To easily claim back the cost of this training, services must submit to Kildare County Childcare Committee a completed application form, a copy of the FAR certificate and a receipt for the cost of the course. Please ensure that any training undertaken is completed with a PHECC accredited First Aid Responder (FAR) trainer. Other training courses will not be reimbursed.

KCCC are not organising the training courses, you can contact training providers directly to book FAR training.

PHECC accredited trainers are available on the phecc website: https://www.phecit.ie/

Updated FAR Application Form May 2020                 FAR Update May 2020

FAR Information Letter                           

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