After-School Child Care (ASCC) Programme

After School Child Care (ASCC) Programme



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This strand is known as the After-School Child Care (ASCC) Programme and is administered by KCCC on behalf of the Department of  Social Protection (DSP). This scheme provides afterschool care for primary school children for certain categories of working parents. There up to 800 places available on this strand.  DSP have sole responsibility for deciding who is eligible to avail of this strand of the Programme. This strand can cover children from 5-13 years


From 14 July 2014 the ASCC scheme will be available to customers of the Department of Social Protection who:

  • are currently getting Jobseekers’ Benefit (JB) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA) or One -Parent Family Payment (OFP) or are on a DSP employment programme; and
  • have been  in receipt of JB, JA or OFP or on a DSP employment programme (or any combination of the 4) for at least 3 months;


  • have one or more children aged between 4 and 13 who are in primary school,

       and either:

  • start a new job; or
  • increase the days currently worked; or
  • start a DSP employment programme (except CE see strand 3 below)

For those in part-time employment, subsidised after-school childcare will be provided on a pro-rata basis.


The letter of eligibility For ASCC places must be provided by the DSP and contain:

  • the name of the parent
  • the start date of entitlement to childcare support
  • confirmation that the parent is eligible for the ASCC


What next for Childcare Provider?

Click here for access to the TEC How to Guide to review the steps involved in creating a registration for an ASCC Childcare place.


Parents Guide


Optional Parental Contributions

Basic ASCC €15*
ASCC with Pick up €15*

10 weeks holidays (Christmas, Easter,Summer)(no pick up)


*Maximum amount a parent can be charged

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