Fees Policy Process 2016

Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA)

Fees Lists and Service Calendars 2016-2017

Processing of Fees Payment Policies (FPP), required as part of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) Childcare Funding Programme Contracts, will begin shortly.
The process this year will differ from previous years as services will be required to complete both a ‘Fees List’ form and a ‘Service Calendar’ form, online on the PIP Portal, for each funding programme they are intending to contract for.
Why does it now have to be done online?

  • In an effort to make the process easier and more streamlined it is being moved online to the PIP Portal.  The fees list and service calendar will help in autocompleting the Parent Information letters.  The service calendar will replace the payment calendar.

What will services do differently?

  • The service’s manager will complete two online forms (the fees list and the service calendar) per programme rather than last year’s process of completing hard copies and scanning and submitting them, via PIP, to the CCC.

What information will I need to complete the online forms?

  • For the Fees List you will need similar information as previously submitted for the FPP.
  • Services will be asked for details of each of their session types as well as for any deposits required and discounts or optional extras that are available
  • The Service Calendar will require services to mark days when the service will be ‘closed’, as well as their non-payment weeks.

Will I be able to print the forms?

  • Yes, a printable version of each form will be generated from the information submitted and made available to services on the PIP Portal

Will the CCC still have to approve my Fee List?

  • Your local CCC will continue to have a role in reviewing and approving your Fee Lists, and Service Calendars.  PIP will automatically approve your Fees Lists initially, however the CCC may review them at a later date.  The process is intended to be more standardised and for CCC approval to be quicker and easier than last year

When will the forms be available on the PIP Portal?

  • The forms will be available in the coming weeks.

How quickly will the submissions be approved once submitted?

  • The forms will be automatically ‘system approved’ when submitted as they will have to meet the basic Programme rules before this can happen. The CCC may still review the details against the criteria set by the DCYA and either approve or query it further with you.

Will it affect my first payment if I don’t get it submitted or if I’m still working with the CCC to complete it?

  • As we are moving to an online process for re-contracting and for the fee lists and service calendar, submission of these documents won’t affect your service’s ability to re-contract or  receive the first payment for delivery of the DCYA Programmes.  However it may impact on subsequent payments.

Will I have to submit Parents letters?

  • Once you submit the Fees List and service calendar, PIP will generate a Parents Letter which you can print and ask them to sign.  All parents will still have to sign the Parents letter.

Will I be able to change the Fee List or Service Calendar after it is submitted?

  • Yes but you need to notify the CCC and give four weeks’ notice before implementing the changes.

How will I know if our CCC has additional queries?

  • This will be highlighted on the PIP Portal

What can I do while I’m waiting for the Fee List to become available?

  • Review your FPP and Service Calendar from 2015/16
  • Work on projections for September in relation to your income and expenditure in order to identify the costs
  • Have your fee information ready for input onto the online forms
  • CCS Services may contact their local CCC for assistance with this process