Ideas for parents while 'social distancing'

Hello fellow parents!

This is the first week we are trying to home-school, work from home - or not work, with all the worry that comes with that, entertain the children, get exercise and maintain our sanity.. thankfully it is a short week and hopefully we will all get into the swing of life at home together over the coming weeks. So turn down the news and social media for a while and allow yourselves to get a little bit creative.

Thankfully, while this is a hugely concerning time for all, it is also Spring and hopefully we will get to make the most of the outdoors while maintaining our social distance to keep everyone as safe as we can.

We hope this series of blogs will help with ideas, inspiration and support to you all, first up we have a few things to do, some fun for us all hopefully and some lighter moments for everyone in the family.

Thanks to Bernie who comes up with all of the ideas!

Best to all,


Boredom-busting ideas for kids who love to be creative

Write your own story. ... Always a good start and a fun way to begin the day while keeping up your writing skills

or keep a diary which is a good way to reflect on your day. 

Put on a play. ... Always a fun challenge and entertainment for the rest of the family, you can spend time building and creating an outdoor stage and finding props throughout the house and garden. 

Do an art challenge. ...  Something that you could display in the window of the house..

It’s not too late for some St Patrick’s Day art, to show you were celebrating & you have not forgotten the celebrations!

Some people will tweet their photos or share with friends and lift the spirits...  


Make Play-Doh sculptures and put on an art show... Play doh is fun for all ages. You can even develop a movie with the help of a web cam or a tablet and downloaded that you have time to investigate this. 



Create a gratitude or vision board. ...A vision board can be a strong reminder to us of our values, ambitions and goals.  If you imagine yourself to be a doctor, nurse, engineer, electrician whatever you desire dress up in the role and take the photo or if you wanted to build yourself a challenge imagine yourself doing it.  Draw the picture and put it on your vision board ….. imagination is strong if you visualise yourself in this role you believe that you can do this. 


Draw murals outside with coloured chalk. ... This is always a popular one... the rain will wash them completely away but you can be creative and try new designs and colour matches.  Have fun in the outdoors create a circuit for your bike in the garden and see if you can time yourself???


Collect rocks and paint them. ...Its amazing once you start to explore the outdoors what you will find and some rocks and pebbles painted can make super designs, at the moment you could concentrate on the green, white and orange ..or go further afield and explore colour and designs for your stones.



Create chalk dolls and dress them up. – Use cardboard and cut them out and some old material or clothes for recycling you have around the house - this can be a fun way to have fun alone and not feel bored.